Hawaii's Alternative Staffing

& Payroll Service Company

Our Mission

Decisions in staffing calls for employers to be flexible and swift in making alterations to meet changing work environments. Employee situations require different solutions to the same problem.

Productivity increase happens when you focus on your strengths for your business instead of employee turnovers and paperwork frustrations.

Commitment is providing the best worker for the right job position, which Jobline X-Press does best. Our employees come to you screened, reference checked, processed, and ready to work.

Let Jobline X-Press, Inc....

become your Human Resources Department. Eliminate advertising and recruiting costs. Our employees come to you screened and processed to fit your specific job description.

Let Jobline X-Press, Inc....

assume responsibility for all your payroll costs, claims, and government compliances such as...

Federal & State Taxes
Unemployment Insurance
W-2 Year End Reports
Medical Insurance (Upon Qualification)
Safety Programs